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Training & Development

We provide intensive and continual training throughout your career. Every new employee receives comprehensive, individual training as part of our hands-on training program.

  1. Best Training department
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    Is Working For Dimosons Right For You?

    By encouraging and supporting diversity, we create a great work environment. A place where everyone’s welcome. It means you can be your authentic self at work.

    We aim to create a working environment that gives you the encouragement and support to step out of your comfort zone, excel and be your best.

  2. Induction Week

    Intensive induction week for all new employees.

    It's an exciting week with a steep learning curve. Once complete you will be equipped with the knowledge required to help get you up and running in your new job.

  3. Training Specific to You

    It can even cover the basics like driving around Port Kembla.

    After your induction, we invest heavily in your ongoing development.

    Dimosons are well known for prioritising continual learning and development, which is important in our fast-paced workplace. We understand that to provide a high standard of service to our clients, our employees must be competent and work together in high-performance teams.

  4. Develop Essential & Transferable Skills

    Continual training & development

    All our employees, across all levels of the company, continually undergo intensive training and Real Estate Workshops.

    We help you maximise your existing skills whilst teaching you new skill sets, ensuring you are fully confident in your job and future career.