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Our Business Ethics

For many of us, moving house can be a stressful process that requires the most trusting and open of relationships. Dimosons business model is built upon our values of Imagine, Love, Encourage, WOW and we work hard to ensure that everything is done with total transparency.

  1. Our Values
    Our Values

    Imagine. Love. Encourage. WOW!

    At Dimosons our values are a shared understanding of what we stand for. They describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation with our clients, the community and Team mates.

    Together with our code of conduct and ethics, our values guide our behaviors and help us make decisions in our day to day work.

    Imagine – Live a life full of adventure. We dream big!
    Love – We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We have fun!
    Encourage – Every Team member has a voice. We listen and respect!
    WOW! – Our goal, our reward. We are World Class!

  2. Fee transparency
    Fee Transparency

    Dimosons strive to be transparent and upfront about any possible fees that may be payable, helping our customers to make informed decisions with no last-minute surprises.

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  3. Complaint resolution
    Complaints Resolution

    Dimosons take every measure to ensure that our customer's journey is as stress-free as possible. On the odd occasion that something hasn’t gone to plan, we're not afraid to put our hands up and admit it.

    We have a clear complaints procedure and an effective in-house tracker system to ensure that we are always 100% aware.

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  4. Strict Codes Of Practice
    Strict Codes Of Practice

    Dimosons is a voluntary member of the key governing bodies associated with raising standards within the industry. These memberships provide sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants with an assurance that they will receive the highest level of customer service..

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