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Alexia Pappas

  1. Alexia Pappas

    The youngest member of our World Class Dimosons Team is also arguably its most flexible. Alexia has been a dancer since she was 2 years old – now 16 and excelling at learning a new routine in her quest to develop her real estate skills and knowledge.

    Alexia’s flexibility extends to our office environment – always bending over backwards (sometimes literally!) to assist or take on new tasks. With two years’ customer experience behind her, she is also no stranger to making our clients feel right at home.

    Her proactive attitude and familiarity with fast-paced environments make her the ideal person to have stepping into our team – step together step…

    Contact Alexia: (02) 4258 0088
    Email: info@dimosons.com.au

    We do business differently to give you the edge.

    By embracing change & constantly challenging tradition Dimosons has a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates.

    Our experience, track record & strength of brand puts you in the perfect position to achieve the best possible price for your property.

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