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Tips for Sellers


Choosing the right agent is vital to the success of your home’s sale. Take into account the following tips for selling your property.


  • If you don’t know anyone who has recently bought or sold, long term locals such as a newsagent, dry cleaners, conveyancers and so on are always a ready source of information about who has the community’s confidence. The obvious question on every prospective vendor’s lips is whether the agent in question sold the house for the best possible price and in a reasonable time.

  • Many vendors think that the best way to market their property is to list with as many agents as possible. The logic is simple – more agents = more exposure – right? Not necessarily. The old wisdom of “less is more” is worth noting here. Listing with lots of agents sounds good in theory but in practice it doesn’t always result in a faster, higher or better sale.

  • An exclusive agency means that a vendor knows there is someone who is accountable! With multiple agents, it’s difficult to gauge who is ultimately responsible for the property being left secure or everyday instructions about pets or curtains, let alone big questions like why the property isn’t selling!

  • Make sure you compare all the services an agent has to offer and ask for the submission in writing. The agent who offers to put the highest price on your property is not necessarily the one with the expertise to achieve the best price. Meanwhile, agents who offer the lowest commission often can’t afford to put together the type of marketing program that will achieve the best result for you.

  • In the end, weigh up all the information and go with your gut feeling. If you have done your homework you should be able to sit back and look forward to first class service!

  • Choose an agent who can demonstrate that they have a contact list of genuine qualified purchasers. Ask them “how many genuine purchasers do you have currently listed on your books that you can bring through my property right now?” No agent worth their salt will be relying on their first ad to attract purchasers.



Selling a home is a complex procedure. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re an experienced seller, it’s easy to forget things and feel overwhelmed. We’ve put together the following ‘event roadmap’ to help you, and of course we’re always on hand for any questions you have.


  • Select an agent

  • Sign an agency agreement with your agent

  • Arrange a contract for sale through your solicitor or conveyancer

  • Agent receives a copy of your contract of sale from your solicitor or conveyancer

  • Agent prepares marketing campaign & advertising materials

  • Prepare your home for buyer inspections

  • Agent conducts buyer inspections and provides you with feedback

  • Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction

  • Offer is accepted by you and agent communicates this to the buyer

  • Agent accepts an initial deposit from buyer and contracts are signed

  • Contracts exchanged with cooling-off period (5 business days)

  • Cooling-off period ends, buyer pays balance of 10% deposit, which means you are SOLD. Congratulations!

  • Settlement period begins (usually 42 days)

  • Pack and organise your move!