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Property Management

It’s our job to get you the best return on your property. We do this by maintaining a professional and consistent approach to managing it, and providing prompt service for two very important parties: the landlord (you) and the tenant (your income!).

Property Management: It’s all about using our skills and resources to match the right people to the right property. Your investment property is a valuable asset and we‘re committed to maximising its return. This means checking rents are in line with market trends and maintaining your property to a high standard.

Essentially, we take the stress and hard work out of managing your property. Whether you live around the corner or far away, we will make you feel secure that it’s in safe hands. Our local knowledge, enthusiastic approach and commitment to customer service make Dimosons a natural choice for your investment property.

Advertising A Property: Just like the homes we sell, our marketing strategy for rental properties is all about attracting the right people in the quickest time. This means getting your property in front of as many prospective tenants as possible – in person and online. As well as signage, you’ll find your home listed on this site and realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

Finding The Right Tenant: A great tenant makes all the difference – so we ensure we conduct thorough tenant screening by collecting as much information as possible. We’ll look at previous renting history, income and occupation, personal references as well as the intangible things that our experience tells us will make them great tenants.

Bonds and overdue payments: Bond is four weeks rent for vacant residential properties. It’s collected by the agent from the tenant at commencement of the lease agreement and lodged with the Rental Bond Board. Bond is returned to the tenant, less any outstanding monies, after the final inspection has been completed. Any overdue payments are recovered through our association with TICA debt recovery – the industry standard.

Condition Report: Essential for any new occupation, a condition report is prepared on every property before the tenant takes possession. This report thoroughly details each room and its fittings and fixtures, plus any notable items or damage. It includes photos, photocopies of keys and any remote controls (e.g. garage) that are given to the tenant.

Inspections: Periodic inspections allow us to ensure that your tenants are maintaining your property, as well as giving us an opportunity to identify any necessary repairs. Inspections are conducted every three months, with a report detailing the tenant’s maintaining of the property and any reported issues. Rent is also reviewed to ensure it keeps up-to-date with market value. Landlords are welcome to be present at an inspection, although we will also provide photos.

Final inspection: Once a tenant has vacated a property, a thorough inspection will be conducted. Any damage or cleaning issues (beyond reasonable wear and tear) must be resolved. Landlords are also welcome to attend this inspection to ensure they are happy with the property’s condition before the bond is released.

Insurance: We recommend you take out Landlords Insurance, designed to protect you against possible property damage or loss of rent. You may also require Building Insurance depending on your property type.

Smoke Alarms: To take away your liability from all aspects of the Smoke Alarm Legislation we recommend using Smoke Alarms Australia. For a small fee Smoke Alarms Australia will take away all liability from you as an owner and ensure you are fully covered. Please visit the Smoke Alarms Australia website for more information at smokealarmsaustralia.com.au

Maintenance And Tradespeople: If your tenant reports any necessary repairs or maintenance, we will notify you and look after the repairs on your behalf and upon your instruction. We will use either a tradesperson nominated by you or a qualified, licensed and insured tradesperson from our database. For urgent/emergency repairs, we will take immediate action to see that your property is restored as quickly as possible.

Pets: Pets will only be permitted at the property with your prior approval. If a tenant fails to obtain your approval this may result in the termination of their lease. If a pet is approved, a special clause will be inserted into the residential lease.

Rent: Rent is payable by the tenant on time, if not in advance. We have zero tolerance of rent arrears and have the systems in place to ensure that all rent is paid on time.

Statements: We provide all our landlords with comprehensive monthly statements detailing all paid invoices. Funds are banked directly into your nominated account either fortnightly or at the end of each month.

Water Usage: If the property is individually metered, all tenants are responsible for the water usage element of their water bill.

Change Of Owner Details: If you wish to change any of your personal details, such as your account details or postal address, we will need this in writing. Please email us at info@dimosons.com.au or complete a form in person at 22 Wentworth St, Port Kembla.

Selling Your Property: If you are thinking of selling your property, we can make a seamless arrangement that takes you from landlord to vendor with little fuss and maximum results. Get in touch to discuss this further.